Recording and stopping a Dynamic Effect in a cue! HELP!

I am working on an ETC Insight with Emphasis.  We are trying to use a dynamic effect for a ballyhoo in a cue.  We can get the effect running on the movers and recorded into a cue, however, we can not figure out how to stop the effect in the next cue.  If we go into the dynamic effect settings and stop the effect using S6 then the effect is removed from the effect list and from the cue we recorded it in.  HELP!

  • I am 99% certain that what you are running into is a background override issue. When the effect starts it is essentially playing outside fo the cue stack. This is by design so it can run behind multiple cues.

    If you choose one of the channels in the effect while it is running and perform an [About] [Channel] [Enter], you should see the background override as the source.

    You can also view the background display from a softkey in the live. I think it was S3.
    In this display, you can see what is playing in the background.

    If this is what is happening in your case, rather than trying to stop the effect, you can instead end the background override. I have done this in production by programming a macro that performs the key hits and then linking the macro to the cue.

    On the artistic side, you may need to play with your out transition a bit so it doesn't look too ragged. I have at times used a series of linked cues that have the lights in the effect on at a level so that when the effect stops the lights go static that is then linked to a cue that fades them out like a half second later.

    You can check out the post below for a little more information.

    Hope this helps
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