No channels over 96 connect!!

Our Expression 3 should handle up to 400 channels. We have a ETC SENSOR Rack that handles 96 outlets.

We have an opto isolated DMX outlet "T"d in with the Universe 1 data cable that goes to the dimmer rack. I plug LED lights into it and have never had a problem until today. Normally I'll use a channel that doesn't have a lamp on the end so we don't light both the lamp and the LED fixture! Today however I wanted to use channels 101 - 140. And I couldn't The board can address 400 channels but I have it set to 200 channels and 200 fixtures. I put address 101 into my fixture and set channel 101  to 100% and the monitor reflected the change as per normal. BUT! No LED!  Hmm! any of 200 channels we have the board set to, should be able work a LED with that address. So why can't we? Oh oops - in writing this I am wondering if when opening up for out 96 channels to the 200 the board doesn't map the 'new' channels! I'll check t out 1st thing (and let the board know) but if anyone has any other ideas, I would like to hear them.