Colour Force II on Express 24/48 glitch

I'm trying to find the source of a problem I just had with a show using some new Chroma Q - Colour Force IIs 72 controlled by a Express 24/48.

In 4-channel mode ×24 (Strobe off), some cross fades would cause the colour output of the units to snap suddenly in the red band.

A 5 second fade would fade for 4.9 seconds and then the red colour would snap into place.

Another cue would not even change the values of the red parameter, but yet a similar effect would occur.

(My mind was not able to process if it was really the red colour getting brighter or all of the other colours getting dimmer, although it appeared to be the former)


The Colour Force II was a new instrument to me, but I've gone over their datasheets and can't find any obvious errors in configuration I made to cause this.

(and all six of the units were doing the same thing)

Is it the Express? or the way the units processed DMX data from the Express?