Express RFU Not Powering On

Hi all!

I'm a middle school student who is essentially our "lighting operator" if you will. We have an older Express 48/96 unit that seems to have no issues. We found our old RFU unit that nobody has used in about two years. While the teacher said it was broken, I found out the RFU port on the board had been disconnected from the cable running to the backstage node. I reconnected it thinking it would fix the issues. Turns out it did not. I've come here since i've tried everything I can think of, including:


1) Directly plugging into the board

2) Making sure the power switch is on

3) Booting everything in the proper order (board first, then RFU)


Anybody know anything I can do? I myself can't send it in for repair and I don't think the district wants to pay for it.




EDIT: fixed typo ;)