Express RFU Not Powering On

Hi all!

I'm a middle school student who is essentially our "lighting operator" if you will. We have an older Express 48/96 unit that seems to have no issues. We found our old RFU unit that nobody has used in about two years. While the teacher said it was broken, I found out the RFU port on the board had been disconnected from the cable running to the backstage node. I reconnected it thinking it would fix the issues. Turns out it did not. I've come here since i've tried everything I can think of, including:


1) Directly plugging into the board

2) Making sure the power switch is on

3) Booting everything in the proper order (board first, then RFU)


Anybody know anything I can do? I myself can't send it in for repair and I don't think the district wants to pay for it.




EDIT: fixed typo ;)

  • Hi djelectro,

    I also suggest checking the fuse for the RFU, if you haven't done so already. It's located next to the RFU port on the back of the Express console, and I occasionally see them popped. The fuse also provides power to the Littlelite ports, so if your console has them and they don't work either, that could very likely be the issue.

    A new fuse can be found at our webstore, or you may be able to find them at a hardware store.

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