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Im working on a stage with an ETC insight board.  Unfortunately they are going to upgrade right after our shoot.  Im looking for a way to wire my own switches on set for the actors to trigger cues back on the board.  Ideally an analogue switch or button.  I have found some info on doing this for the ION but nothing for the insight.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  


I appreciate it thanks!


    Expression 2/3 Line Remote Macros
    The Expression 2.3 Line consoles provide eight remote macro inputs through the 25-pin connector on the back panel labeled Remote Go. A user-supplied remote device connects to the console via a 24 AWG, aluminum-shielded, multi-conductor cable with one twisted pair designated for each switch (Belden 9507 S-R PCV Insulated or Alpha 5477 80 Deg. C 300 V PVC). The cable connector at the remote device will vary depending on the device itself.

    Console connector Remote connector
    DB-25 female Connector type depends on unit

    Pin Function
    1 -Macro 1,901
    2 -Macro 1,902
    3 -Macro 1,903
    4 -Macro 1,904
    5 -Macro 1,905
    6 -Macro 1,906
    7 -Macro 1,907
    8 -Macro 1,908
    9 N/C
    10 Ground
    11 + 12Vdc
    12 N/C
    13 N/C
    14 +Macro 1,901
    15 +Macro 1,902
    16 +Macro 1,903
    17 +Macro 1,904
    18 +Macro 1,905
    19 +Macro 1,906
    20 +Macro 1,907
    21 +Macro 1,908
    22 N/C
    23 Ground
    24 + 12Vdc
    25 N/C

    The Three Ways to Wire

    (#1 is most typical way of wiring. Remote Macro also requires ribbon cable and chips in Facepanel PCB.)


    1)Connect all -Macro pins (pins 1-8) to ground (pin 10) and switch the leads connecting the +Macro pins (pins 14-21) to +12 Vdc (pin 24)

    2) Connect all +Macro pins (pins 14-21) to the +12 Vdc pin (pin 24) and switch the leads connecting the -Macro pins (pins 1-8) to the ground (pin 10).

    3)Provide your own power supply that generates a 12 Vdc potential between the +Macro and -Macro pins and switch either of these leads.

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