Repurposing Obession II

Anybody out there come up with any good uses for an Obsession II (other than for running shows)... I have one gathering dust and it's just too interesting looking a console to just toss. The more ridiculous the idea, the better! And, yes, props for a Star Trek-like show has already crossed my mind. I'm thinking weird and fun. AND.... GO!

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  • I just purchased an Obsession II face panel and have a single processor unit on the way. I found this forum because I had the idea of re-purposing the face panel into an insane MIDI controller. I see no one has commented in a while but thought I would comment in hopes there is still interest in this topic. Seems like it would be possible to tap into the I2c bus to pick up messages from the buttons and faders. With that, the data could be read by an Arduino or similar and do whatever you wanted. I plan to call tech support to see if there is a chance they would supply the source code to explore other options.

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