SD Card Problem!

I am a new user.  I purchased a 1GB PNY SD card.  I was able to store the SFML software onto the card and also successfully do a software update from the SD card in the console.


However, when I try to Save a show, it says "Error: Card Write Protected?"   The card is NOT write protected though.  The switch on the card is in the correct position, and in a computer I am able to write to it.  It is in FAT-16 mode.  Again, the software update from the SD card works fine.





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  • Do you have another SD card that you can try in the console to see if the fault is with the card or with the SFML?
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    Please obtain another card.  The card type, capcity and format of the SD card you are using should be OK. 

    Please also try to run the internal self-test:

    Turn off the console,  Turn it on holding the Enter (menu) button down until the unit starts in self-test mode.  Insert the SD card with the write protect switch set to off (not protected).  Press enter at each test until you reach the SD card test.  If you see the message Protect:on either the card or the console is unable to read the switch properly.

    If you want to keep the show you have made turn off the console now by pulling the power plug out of the back, this is to prevent the last part of self-test erasing all the memory.  Re-start the console again in self-test and run the same test again using a different SD card.

    Please tell us if the console is unable to detect the protect switch properly and we will arrange to exchange or repair the console under warranty.

  • That is a strange fault - I presume you've tried the switch in both positions? I know the labelling on some SD cards is odd.

    Unfortunately some card readers don't check the status of the switch.

    Write-protect is determined using a physical switch inside the connector, so you can check it in test mode:

    • While the console is booting, hold down the [Tick] (Menu) key.
    • It will boot up into Test Mode.
    • Now press [Tick] several times to progress through the various tests (LEDs, DMX, MIDI etc)
    • Eventually you will get to a screen showing "Insert Memory Card" and "Write Protect: On"
    • Slowly insert your SD card - don't put it in all the way.
    • You should see Write Protect go Off while you insert the card, regardless of the switch position.
    • Once the card is fully inserted, the console will show "Memory Card Test Passed", regardless of switch position.
    If Write Protect doesn't go off at all, then you have a faulty unit and should contact your local ETC for a repair/replacement.

    If Write Protect does go off, then the chances are that you have a faulty SD card, and have been lucky(?) enough to be using a reader that doesn't check for write protection.

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    Richard -

     I did the tests as you prescribed.  I DID see the Write Protect go Off while slowing inserting the card, and it did show the "Memory Card Test Passed" once the card went all the way in.

    (yes, I have tried the switch in both positions to make sure also)

    The Write Protect switch on the card itself is definitely working properly - if I put the switch in the protect position, I am not able to write to the card from a computer.



  • In reply to AdamBennette:


     I did try another card (just a 8MB one this time) and still have the same result.  So, apparently it's either something wrong in the unit.  This is a demo unit that I'm using while waiting for mine to arrive, so I'll pass this onto the dealer.






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    I had the same issue with PNY & Dane-Elec.  Lexar & Kingston work just fine.  I have seen this issue with motherboards and memory as well, with computer building this is not uncommon.  But, it is always good to know which products work well together.  I hope this helps.





  • if you are still facing the same issue i would suggest you to check out this post on sd card write protected
  • Tried 2-3 guides still facing the same issue, this was the last time i followed, could you help ?
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