SmartFade ML & LED Lights

When I make a memory with the LEDs to go to a specific colour they will turn white before going to the colour I set. It does this even when I cross fade two memories with different colours. How do I fix this?

I am using the A & O Lighting - LED Par64......  Profile

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  • Are the SFML device LED's also doing this? Are you using Rec Sel (Selected) or Rec ALL into the memories? If you put the SFML Bumps into "GO" mode then tap the bump for a memory before fading it in - does this fix your problem? Smartfade ML works on a Highest takes Precedence (HTP) system so if any other (last) active memory has higher colour settings (white is full Red Full Green Full Blue) then when you take other memories up or back down they will return/ fade back to that last active memory (white?). More info is in the Manual on page 15 about HTP and device parameters which are LTP (latest takes Precedence).
  • I remember now I had this problem before, it is the HTP/LTP issue. Thanks heaps
  • the same problem, just with the movingheads... i ve made a motion with them and taked on one sub. i ve got more one sub with the audience light which is workin on analoge (dimmer). when i fade in the a.lights , the movingheads are moving towards and backwards. how can i fix this problem. thx
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