Random Flashing Memory Light

Hi everybody,

I currently work in the technical department at our high school. We have an ETC 1296 Smart Fade Light Controller Console. We have an older light controller system and have many problems. We can get by as it is. So for a while now, we have Memory 1 Bumper flashing when ever we enter our memories. We have "deleted" that memory. It will not let us record over it or anything. We have many other memories set up, so resetting the board is not a favorable option. If that is the only way to fix this problem we will have to do. We also need to update the board. It is currently running version 2.0.1. Does anyone have any ideas or solutions to this?

  • On SFML, a flashing LED means either "Grand Master Down", "Available option", or "I'm up but my fader doesn't match", depending on the context.
    (GM's LED, Recording/Playback)

    Most likely the Memory is still up, eg after a page change.

    If that's the case, simply push the fader all the way to full and back to zero to bring it out.

    For the software update, by far the easiest method is to get hold of a SD Card (smaller than 2GB), then follow the instructions in the release note to update using SD.
    - Note that it must be a standard SD Card, *not* an SDHC/SDXC etc card. As you're running v2.0.1 at the moment, the card you use to save shows should be fine.

    The software update can be downloaded from here:

    It is also possible to do firmware updates via USB using a Windows PC, however this is a little bit more complex so I'd recommend the SD card method.

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