Two-Scene mode vs. Memories/Scenes

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Is there a way to run two-scene mode with memories/scenes instead of individual patches?  Running the 1248, I have close to 21 scenes (and 17 individual patches) programmed into memories, and I'd like to be able to activate one, then activate a second one "Blind" and then use the crossfaders to fade smoothly between the two.  The two scene mode only seems to work with individual patches, and that doesn't give me the flexibility I want with the  number of scenes and patches I have.

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  • disclaimer: i haven't used a smartfade for ages...

    i think you can use an individual patch. you make the patch in regular mode, then restart in two-scene mode and choose custom patch, which will activate the individual patch you've made in the other mode.
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    I haven't used one lately either, but I think there may be a terminology confusion. Patching is usually use to mean a one time (per show) arrangement of DMX addresses to console channels. The way you wrote I think you mean a "look" or "scene" with different levels for every dimmer. If so, 2-scene preset is very limiting on a SmartFade.

    What you may prefer is the "Next" function. When you press the Next button all output is locked where it is (which confuses many!) But you are in blind just as you described. When Next is released the console fades to whatever is set by the sliders (individual or memories) at the moment. That gives you unlimited presets. The timing can be adjusted, but I can't recall how at the moment. There may be a way to use the cross-faders, but I'd have to read the manual carefully to be sure.

    Some folks just use the memories as scenes. Simply record a memory for every scene/song/look and then manually crossfade between them. It's less than ideal, especially when jumping pages, but it can work. Of course if you can pre-program everything then the cue stack is probably best. As I recall it holds a couple hundred cues and you could change show files at intermission.

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    To set the xfade time in next mode you'll have to use the weel, and then press go. I am not sure it is possible to use the cross faders.

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