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I have watched a few tutorials on how to create a sequence, however, I have been unable to do so. I click the record sequence, choose a sequence number, and then click the different colors that I want, and hit record sequence again. I am getting nothing. I just have spotlights, I don't know if that affects anything. Any help appreciated. 

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  • When you say you pick the different colors, are you picking channels or memories? Is this a SmartFade or SmartFade ML?
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    I am guessing memories I am not sure. The colors (red, blue, pink and orange) are already programmed I just would them to be in a sequence. I have no idea I only have 1-24. If I knew how to post a pick on here I would.
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    i can send you a cheat sheet that I made for this. What's your email? I can send it when I get home from tech tonight (no wifi at the theatre).
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    Here is a plain text version of the cheat sheet....

    Step 1: Create a look on stage.
    1. Make sure the [1-24] button in the middle of the board is lit. If
    it isn’t lit, press it.
    2. Use the sliders on the left side of the board to create a look.

    Step 2: Record the look as a Memory
    1. Press [Rec Mem]. The bump buttons will flash red. If the button
    is bright red, that memory location is available. If the button is
    dim red, there is already a memory recorded in that location.
    2. Press the button of a Memory location (1 through 24). If you
    need more than 24 Memories, press and hold the [Mems] button
    and press another button (1 through 24) to select another page
    of Memories.
    3. Create another look on stage.

    Step 3: Build a Sequence of Memories
    1. When you have your Memories built, press [Rec Seq].
    2. Press [Stack].
    3. You can either add cues to the end of the existing Sequence or
    you can erase the existing Sequence and start over. Turn the
    jog dial to the choice you want and press the [Menu] button.
    4. Turn the jog dial to set the fade time of the first cue (watch the
    display in the upper right hand corner).
    5. If the buttons are flashing green, press the [Mems] button.
    6. Press the Memory button of the first cue.
    7. Repeat steps 4-6 to continue recording your cue sequence.
    8. After adding the last cue to the sequence, press [Rec Seq].

    Step 4: Play back the cue sequence
    1. Press the Go button to bring up the first cue.
    2. Continue pressing Go to step through your cue sequence.
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