Smartfade 1248 problem strange button reactions


a Smartfade have a strange reactions when I lift up the faders.

In MEMS mode or in Channel when I lift the faders, LEDS control buttons in the left are piloted

by the faders.

Exemple :

fade up fader 13(37) buttons UNDO and SOLO lite UP

fade up fader 18(42) buttons MAGIG and REC MEM lite UP

fade up fader 1(25) buttons UNDO and SOLO lite UP

fade up fader 40(16) buttons STACK and RATE lite UP

The seem to be linked to the potentiometers physical position and not with the functions

The 25-48 green button lite alway at 50% even during test sequence

The DMX output look good, but I have loose the control on channel mode for an short time and still ok now.


Who can help me ?

Any technical manual available ?

Thanks for support !

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