Smartfade ML recording colours to memories

I want to record some preset colour pallettes to memories so I can bring up a fader for red, yellow, green etc. However, when I record the first colour its fine, but when I record the second, it overwrites the first. For instance, select palette for a group of LEDs to set Red. Record Sel, hit bump 13. Clear all. Bringing up mem 13 creates red.  Reset LED's to Green. Record Sel hit 14. Clear all. Fader 14 brings up green. However, fader 13 now also green not red! I've tried this by editing it as well and it sets all recorded memories to the same colour. (Currently faders 13, 14, 23 and 24 all bring up green! :-( )

Been back through the video's and can't see what I doing wrong. Any idea's please?

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  • Hi

    When playing the memories back, are you hitting [CLEAR] four times before hand, then selecting memories mode by pressing [MEMS] before pushing the fader up?
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    Yes I am. I've found a partial way round it. If you have any other device selected, such as a generic dimmer channel without an attached lamp and record all, it saves correctly.. If I just record the active devices it overwrites.

    Now have a problem with the LED's flashing. looks like a dmx issue, but I need to find it. I'm running through a splitter so will take that out of circuit first.
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    Sorry. meant to add 'Thank you'.
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