Can Hog 4PC receive Art-Net packets?

I have an Android App (Art-Net Controller LITE v1.82) which is sending Art-Net packets via WIFI to my PC. I can capture them via WireShark and the contents is OK. They are addressed directly to the PC's IP address (that is selectable in the Android App). They are transferred on Art-Net Subnet 0 with Universe number 0 and 1.

I have configured the DP8000 to receive Art-Net on Universe 1 and 2 (Art-Net Subnet 0 / Universe 0 and 1)

I have switched the DMX desired addresses in the Setup->DMX for Output 1 and 2 to be an Art-Net receiver. The numbers turned into red/bold.

But the values are not displayed.

So, my question is: Is Hog 4PC able to receive Art-Net packets at all?