Settings to get through a Firewall

A brief overview of the system. We have a corporate network setup that has HogNet and FixtureNet on separate Vlans. The FIxtureNet is connected through our Firewall to our fixtures spread throughout the facility. We would like to put our HogNet on the same network so we can do remote programming, using a second console connected as a Client. We can NOT turn off the Firewall!

What I am looking for is what ports and protocols the HogNet uses so I can pass them on to IT to get access through the Firewall. We already have the DP800s setup with access and it works great! Is there any other ports/protocols that I need to enable?
  • The description below gives the IP address HogNet uses. Additionally, on that IP address, we use TCP port 6600 by default.

    The formula is:

    For port 6600, 6600 is 0x19C8 in hex, the hi-byte is 0x19 (25 decimal), lo-byte is 0xC8, yielding (200 decimal),,,

    I hope this helps, This was forwarded to me from one of our developers.
  • Thanks, it seems those are the Multi-cast address, correct?
    Do we need to open the entire 0-255 octet? Is this then Ethernet Multi-cast? Is it possible to only open up a few ports instead of the entire octet? I'm not sure how our IT department will feel about opening that many ports but I will ask.
    Thanks again!
  • We currently use a subset of the last octet, a show on port 6600 would use IP multicast, not Ethernet, on IP addresses below. We skip around some, but all are 32 or below. - HogNet, - Database - Live Data - Playback Data - DMX Data - Timecode Data - Focus ( Visualizer ) - Task Data - Log Data - Clock - Command - Timecode - Effects - State

    I hope this helps, This was forwarded to me from one of our developers.