Hoglet Uni 5-8 as ArtNet?

Is there possibility to use universes from 5 to 8 as ArtNet outputs with Hoglet? Hog4PC shows them as active, but when I assign ArtNet output to them, I got nothing.
  • How many widgets do you have? If you only have the output from the Hoglet, you have a total of 4 universes of DMX, ArtNet, and/or sACN. You could get more by adding more widgets. Hog 4 PC can output up to 12 universes if there are enough widget outputs available.
  • Hi,
    I've spoken/posted about this several times and my take is if you purchase a Nano you should be able to unlock the full 0 x 12 universes of art-net without having to buy more hardware.
    Holding users ransom and making them purchase additional widgets/DP's etc is restrictive and counterproductive.
    If you purchase a Fullboar/Hog4 you are capped at 12/16 x artnet universes directly from the console why not let users buy additional universes by unlocking the software rather than making them purchase unnecessary hardware.
    For such a forward looking company it's a very backwards approach to technology.

    Best Cormac