OSC controlling multiple faders on different pages

Goodevening everyone,
I am working on a OSC template for a restaurant: they run a Roadhog and all of the lighting is running from it. Console is running 24/7.The wish is to let the bar staff control the mood and intensity from behind the bar. So the idea is to run it from a custom OSC template on an iPad.

The template has allready been made, however i'am not really sure about one thing: i will need to run aproximitly 30 faders across multiple pages to control the intensities. Since i can not test it before headding to the venue i would like to know how i need to count the faders. Fader 1 is obviously fader/1 in OSC.
But what would be the syntax for fader 1 of page 3? Is it fader/21 or something else. Unfortunatly the manual is not really helpfull on this subject.

Thanks in advance! 
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