Hog 4 and Arkaos

I am setting up a new computer running Arkaos and currently looking to control it from our Road Hog 4.  We had another computer already setup and running it previously - but for some reason I am having the hardest time getting this new computer to play nice.  I've been scouring the internet to try and find a step by step process for connecting them, and have been very surprised by the lack of info I'm finding. This leads me to believe I'm just not looking up the right things.

Can anyone direct me to any information with regards to a step by step process of connecting Akaos and RH4? 
  • Hello,

    What version of Hog and Arkaos are you running?

    • Generally the first thing to do is make sure the WIFI isn't on on the computer running Arkaos

    • Next make sure the IP address of the Arkaos computer is in the same IP address range as the Road Hog's FixtureNet port and that the subnets (netmask) match.

    • Also make sure Arkaos is in the correct mode and your DMX is set correctly under preferences

    • If your turn on Auto Patch in Arkaos you should be able to Auto Patch from the console when the Arkaos settings are correct