DP8000 get frozen and hog4 is not backing up

Hi everybody, this is my first time asking here so excuse me if Im not in the right place.

I start working in a theater where we have a Hog4 and a DP8000. the last Light operator was told me to get used to that the DP8000 get frozen from time to time and he advice me to always restart it before the big shows.

Im not a really expert about this console but as far as i remember, if the DP8000 get frozen, or have any issue, is not supposed to be that the console Hog4 should still be able to run the show? Like,  thats the main purpuse of having a backup processor, in case that the main one fails, Or im incorrect?

Right now idk what information should i provide to be more helpfull.  I read the user manual about the DP8000 but it doesnt say anything about issues troubleshoot. 

Thanks for any information.