Can anyone help with an item List of things I would need in order to set up an essay network with my hedgehog4

Hey guys, I currently have a hedgehog4. And I am trying to set up a SACN network. And start running fixtures from my board through ethernet. Thing is I’m completely new to it and not sure what type of products I would need in order to accomplish a task.

I have some idea of what I would need to use. Like a network switcher. And even heard about something called a node that I guess I plug my DMX cables from fixture.

Anyways, not sure if anyone would be willing to send me a basic item list to accomplish the task.
I don’t necessarily need specific brands, but at least some basic item names so I know what to start looking for. If you do have a brand that you recommend, I would appreciate that as well.

This is for a pretty big church used to be an old supermarket.

Not sure if this is the right thread, forgive me if it isn’t.

  • So it's been 16 hours and nobody has touched us for you I apologize...

    We've all been there, that being said first thing I have to ask is your hedgehog the networkable version??? Meaning is a hedgehog 4X??

    If not then the conversation doesn't need to continue. But if it is and will assume it is, then you pretty much got it figured out ready come out of your fixturenet port on the back your console into some type ethernet switch it doesn't have to be a managed one it can be an unmanaged switch, then into some sort of a node such as Pathport eight port Octo. Not to be confused with a Opto splitter.... The reason I say into a network switch first for one cleans up your signal little bit as well as it gives you the capability to then fan out to multiple nodes running on the fixturenet side. 

    Same networking choices go for hognet with regards to the network switch.

    Or you could opt to go with a DP 8000 or even a DP 2000 back in the day, and come out of your hognet port. Whichever route you choose to go they both work equally well. The latter of the two gives you more available output because it opens up your Console system to more universes then other options because it's native hardware to the high-end system. Basically high end/etc and you get more parameters. 

    We need to make sure that your IP address structures good across the console & the node. If you utilize the help page on your hog 4 it will give you all the necessary information you need regarding structure and your IP address range. 

    Just remember with ethernet don't run over 305 feet without a switch on that run. Some people say 350 but everybody's foot is different meaning it always use a measuring tape and if they do they are usually drunk at least in my experience it feels that way so I've always gone with 305' maximum length per jump of ethernet with a switch in between them basically it boosts the ability to continue the signal. 

    Fiberoptics is a whole another area of knowledge on that. But know for a fact you can go from an fiber switch backstage to a front house position over thousand feet away without needing any type of boost beings you said you're in an old supermarket that may be an option you want to look into also not hard to set up at all. Just fragile. I carefully can bend it for around like you do DMX..

    In general he also if you have multiple distros or dimmers in your backstage area or wherever your power originates from and they require DMX 512 control it would behoove you to also place in ethernet switch and a node in the pit with that gear so you can just fan out from your switch to your separate dimmers may require signal. Hope this helps good luck

  • Ok. Will I have hedgehog 4. Not the 4x.  Buuut can I upgrade the console through requesting an upgrade product code and paying for it to enable sacn capabilities. Or is it something physical on the hardware that needs to be installed physically??