#BugreportOS4.0 Backuo failure networked desk

With a fullboar desk running a show I get an error on the roadhog which is logged into the show. It is not able to create a backup. A server is running on both desks. No other network equipment connected to the hognet network. Running 6 universes thru sACN / widgets from the fullboar.

On the fullboar I have no problem making a backup.


Pepijn van der Sanden

  • Can you provide the following:

    • the show file
    • the HogNet netmasks of all items on the HogNet network
    • the FixtureNet IP addresses and netmasks of all the items on the FixtureNet network
    • the settings in the Startup tab of the Hog Start Control Panel for both consoles

    You can post the show file to here, or send all this information and the issue synopsis to HESservice@highend.com

  • We are having the same issue.

    Two networked Hog 4 consoles both running 4.0.0, both running server with same net number, the console that joins the first fails on backup, if we log out on the first console to allow the second to become the active server it still fails to backup.