Art-net Input external DP8000


I'm currently preparing a festival. The console system is supposed to be a HOG 4. 

I wanted to place a DP8000 on the stage and from there go to the fixtures via DMX and Art-Net. 

In the FOH I also have a laptop with Resolume that gives me Artnet input. 

I also wanted to include the guest desks (MA3) in the system via Artnet. 

I made a test setup to test the system as such. 

A Hedge Hog 4 brought Art-net (fixture Net) to a Road Hog4 for me. 
From this Road Hog I then connected to the DP8000 via Hog Net.

With the internal DP of the road, the Art-net input worked immediately. 

But I couldn't get the external DP to be heard on Art-net. Even if I went straight from the hedge to the fixture port of the DP. 

Did I do something wrong?