Maybe a bug?

Fullboar4 v 1.1.3 (b352)

I noticed a rather annoying problem (and since the wholehogIII)
For example:
Take 10 VL3ks (id: 301> 310) and 16 Mac aura (id 101> 116)
On all VL3ks, give a position and a sin effect on Pan at 6BPM and 40 °
On all Mac aura, do the same thing but at a different speed (10BPM)
Record a cuelist.

Now take a Mac aura, the 113 for example, give him a new position (the lead for example) and do merge cue 1.
It may be noted at this point that all other fixtures with motion takes leap, as if they begin cycle effect again.
The same thing happens when we press update instead of merge

This occurs only when we have 2 effects of different speeds in the same cue.
This is really annoying when you just want readjust a position slightly and all the kit jumped in the update ...


  • yep....that is how it has always been....
    Depending on where you are in the effect, you might see a bigger or smaller jump as the effect is "recalculated" and "reset" when you make these adjustments.
    If you are doing this on the fly use the "Pile Add Effects" option in your cuelist to keep from seeing this.

    Hope this helps. :)
  • Thank you Marty for your answer.

    yep....that is how it has always been....

    and you find that normal?
    Because personally I find that extremely disturbing.

    use the "Pile Add Effects" option in your cuelist to keep from seeing this
    I don't know why use "pile add Effects", this function is used when we have 1 cuelist (or scene) who override another cuelist with Fx, no?

    Maybe my explanation was not clear (sorry, my english is not very good :) ).
    In my case, everything happens on the same cuelist. We therefore two different effects on all the kit except one fixture (without effect) on the lead.
    When I move this fixture from the lead to the guitarist (for exemple), I merge (or update) on the same cuelist... And I see each time a bigger or smaller jump on all the other fixtures (who have effects).
    (And I tried the "Pile Add Effects" and it logically does not change anything)


  • Gael

    I feel your pain on this. I can tell you that we are currectly working on our FX engine to correct things like this and to make it even better.
  • hi michael,
    it's a very good news!
    I'm sure HighEnd do the best.

    Thank you