[BUG] [v1.2.0] Command Keys + Views

1) Record a view, set Additive to YES.

2) Use [b]View[/b] + ## + [b]Move[/b] + Function Key to move recorded view to a Function Key.

3) Select fixtures using a recorded group. Do not press Enter.

4) Press Function Key from step 2.

5) Fixtures are released.

Using the corresponding View soft button in Step 4 does not release the fixtures.
  • Louis

    This is working as expected.
    When you call up the group we token the command line and since the selection was not confirmed we go with the latest command. In this case recalling the view via the command key.

    If you perform your repro but have Guard turned on in the Group Directory you will notice we do the same thing, the selection will get cleared.

    Hope this helps.
  • Michael,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Interestingly, I can create a cuelist with a comment macro that recalls the same view, place it on a Function Key and it will not release selected fixtures when pressed. It is only Function Keys with views saved directly to them that exhibit the behavior.

  • Louis...

    If you don't want the command key triggered view change to clear your programmer... All you need to do is make sure that before you switch views with the command keys, just touch a parameter on the fixtures that you want to keep in the programmer after the view change. It's kinda the same idea of using highlight to bounce through fixtures and then touch the ones you want to keep in the programmer.
  • Jeff,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I've returned to creating cuelists with comment macros to recall the view and storing that to the function key. I was looking for a more elegant solution. Upon reading that views could be stored directly to a function key, I thought I found the solution. But as noted by HES the behavior of the views stored directly on a function key is operating as expected, with regard to the tokening of the command line. It is unfortunate that it is completely out-of-band with the softkey & comment macro behavior.