Creating and editing color palettes

I am a little embarrassed to have to ask this, but I need help developing a reasonable strategy for dealing with color palettes on the Hog 4 platform.

My goal is to get to a point where I always start with a custom generic show file so I am not constantly recreating color and beam plaettes, views, custom effects, etc. As a point of reference, in the Hog2 days it was simple enough to select a single fixture of each fixture type to create palettes that would be recognized by any number of those same fixtures. I realize that the GLOBAL, PER TYPE and PER FIXTURE options are far more powerful but somewhere along the line I get fouled up. This problem is exacerbated when I have to start editing those palettes which I have to do all the time.

My plan would be to start with one instance of as many different fixtures as possible to create my standard color palettes. I would assume all of these palettes would be recorded PER TYPE. Whenever I start a new event, I would then merge whatever new fixtures might be necessary to my standard show file before moving on to actual prgramming thereby increasing the number of fixtures in that generic file. I am again assuming I would merge these palettes using PER TYPE.

By the way, I am aware that the HOG OS more or less requires one to stay in a single color model per fixture type. I like the idea of the HS model as it certainly makes the effects engine and detailed programming far more powerful. I am not convinced, however, that HS is truly the best model choice. I am also not entirely sure if using white and/or amber LED's with the HS model constitutes mixing color models.

Since moving into Hog 3 and now Hog 4, I have constantly run into issues with colors that will not update or that just play back incorrectly. I am fairly certain that some problems may occur due to my potentially forgetting to choose PER TYPE when recording. There have been times that the only way I can "repair" a specific color might be to use the "PER FIXTURE" option.

As I mentioned in another thread, I would like to have more than one standard color palette so that I can switch back and forth between them based on current usage. I want to make certain, before I invest any time in the process of creating a standard show file, that I am doing things in a way that will work. To some extent I have the same problem with beam parameters. It does not seem like this should be that difficult but it has been driving me nuts. Any thoughts?
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