Backup Fixture for DOWN moving light.

Here is the scenario:

Fixt1, Fixt2; DSC
Fixt2 goes dead, loses power, bad bulb, bad fuse, stops responding.....
Call Fixt"2Backup" (may be being used somewhere else on stage) to take over for Fixt2

Ive tried doing this through Adding the fixture to a group but obviously it won't pickup DMX bc it was never given instructions. It was only assigned to the group. I would need to Chg Fixt2backup Address to match the now dead Fixt2 correct. Can this be done on the fly very quickly?
  • Assuming I've understood you correctly, you'd have to repatch fixture 2 to the address of the back up, but this won't work very well as all your position palettes will be incorrect.
    The only real way of doing this is to have a spare fixture that is replicated from the original and has no other function than as a back up. I do this sometimes, so the second fixture has all the same programming but is focussed independently, and then I park it at zero. If the original goes down all you have to do is unpark the spare and off you go. Obviously this will only work for you if you have the budget to put fixtures into your rig that may not even be used, but for important key light it's worth it.