Hedgehog w/ Hog4PC


I saw someone mention that it may be possible to set up a phone to control your hedgehog via hog4pc, but they didn't seem very certain that this is possible. So, I pose two questions to you guys?

A) If I have a 1st gen. Hedgehog 4N can I connect this to Hog4PC and control Hog4PC in much the same way as a Hoglet/Nano?

B) If so, would this be a short-term way to get around upgrading the chassis to support external touch screen monitors?

Thanks much for the help~
  • A: with a 4N you can do all the stuff you can do with all the other consoles, like remote others, OSC for remote with phone or tablet like iphone or ipad, use it a as backup and so on.

    B: Yes and no ;-) You can use the same net-number so that the playback state will all be the same, but the programmer will still be bound to each console (Nano and HOGPC). So with some tricks you might be able to help you out during playback, but for programming it wont help you much