Best place/way to learn

Just curious how/where many of you learned to program. And looking back if there is a better/best way to learn. I am working at a club that put in whole hog 4 on PC about a year and a half back. I had a tiny bit of lighting experience but none with Hog. I spent a ton of time learning to program shows and cues on HogPC. I have always loved lights in general, things that light up, flashlights, anything lights. But I really enjoy doing light shows at the club I work. I used to do lights at a live music venue in LA for fun. But I am still very green and wondering if anyone has any advice on how to get more technically refined and bring my skills to a new level. Thanks all
  • The Automated Lighting Programmer's Handbook by Brad Schiller. EXCELLENT guide to being an effective and organized programmer.

    Colin Wood's Hog4 YouTube training channel:
    High End has a training channel as well.

    Lately, I've been watching footage of various concerts (tons of options on YouTube or whatever), looking for effects/movement/cues that I like, and figuring out how to program those myself. This has actually been really helping me to discover new ways to use various features in the desk. Most of my experience has been as both designer and programmer, so I've been limited to what I can think up on my own. Putting myself in a position where I'm implementing others' ideas (well, re-implementing) has been really helpful in developing my skills.