htp overruled when hitting main go back

I am using a roadhog on which i have the audience lights as htp at fader 1 and the show-Qlist at fader 10. In the show-Qlist the audience lights are programmed in the first 2 cues like cue1 @full and cue2 @0, after these cues the audience lights do not have any values in this Qlist. I bring up fader 1 at the end of the show to 60% and after that i hit the 'main go back' button for my show-Qlist to go back one cue.
This is what happend, the audience lights went to full in 0s. and faded out to the 60%. The source of these values was cue2 at that moment.
To work around was to set the htp fader1 to an higher priority. Strange, because it was already htp and cue 2 has 0% as value.
Any ideas?

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  • I am experiencing a similar problem, but possibly the same cause.

    I have faders of dimmers (stage wash, backlight, keys),
    I have a List with my looks in (all these faders are set to Persist on Overide including the Dimmers).
    I have a List with a VT state, this pulls the automation to a different look and sets all generic intensities to zero.

    Ordinarily when i go the VT List it will fade any active dimmers to zero and then when i release the VT List the dimmers will return to intensities set by the faders for the specific areas.

    When i run this sequence on 3.3.0 i hit VT List Go and all dimmers snap to 100% then fade to zero regardless of if they were active to begin with...

    It kind of looks like the effect you used to get with RGB devices snapping to white before fading...

  • Sounds like you maybe running into defect 2785.

    Basically, Intensity values are ignoring the HTP value when a list is played that contains the fixtures at a different level. This will only occur if scaling has been applied to the HTP list.

    We are currently working on a patch to address this defect.