Mac mini startup

I´m using a mac mini 2012 to run my nanohog4. I want to put it inside a flightcase, but theres a problem. When the mac get inside the case i would be a hassle to put the hand in between to start it. Is there a way to get the mac to start when i connect power to my flight case? I know about the thing with start after losing power function. This will not work if you turn the mac of before you take the power sadly :) Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :)
  • When it's shut down. you cannot power on a Mac other than through the physical power button on the machine.
    Found online when searching for Mac power on keyboard shortcut:

    "This used to be possible with the old Apple Desktop Bus connections, and for a time when Apple shipped a special USB implementation with a power pin, but it was removed with the Apple Pro Keyboard (model M7803) in 2000."