Potential Effect fade time bug when a cue is triggered via comment macro

I have observed some strange fade time behaviour when triggering a list via comment macros. This is an example:

List 1 Cue 1 : Intensity FX across 4 fixtures, with FCB information included in the Q
List 1 Cue 2 : Snap Intensity to 0%, with new FCB information on a 1 second delay.
List 1 Cue 3 : Follow on to release list 1 via a comment macro.

If I run this List via the go button it behaves as expected and the intensity snaps out on Cue 2.

If List 1 Cue 1 is running and I try to trigger cue 2 via a comment macro from another list, the intensity effect takes the fade time from the other attributes and fades out. Both the Intensity and Effect fade times are 0. I have repeatedly tested this and it takes the longest fade or delay time from any attribute and applies this to the fading out of the intensity effect. But only when trigged via a comment macro.

Any thoughts?