[BUG] - Can't launch new show when 2 Hog4PC clients are on the same wifi

Title says it all really, 2 of us sitting in the same room playing with Hog4 PC, the second machine to start Hog4 PC can only connect to the first machine's show, no option to launch new or existing shows (buttons are disabled). Not a massive issue just something I came across tonight, the solution was to just turn off wifi, start a show, and then turn wifi back on again.
  • Thats normal and by design. Otherwise you could have two servers runninge two shows and the DPs would not not know which show to connect.
    If you want to have more than one show in the same network you need to change the port for the that show in the setting of the show start window.
    It works in your case when you are not connected to a network, but now you have two servers with two different shows in the same network, which is really noooooooo good.