Offset Pile-Add Effects Only

Hi. After many hours searching through forums, I have finally decided to post my first question.

I am currently in the process of updating my busking file, and I am changing the way I run my position effect lists. The way I have set it up is by making a separate cue list for the X and Y axis with an "on" and "off" cue in each. These are linked to batch masters which control the size and rate of the movement. A friend used a similar method except his size and rate were assigned to macro’s. What really bugged me with his way of operating was that it didn’t include any changeable offsets to the pan and tilt values so he only had three looks, all pan, all tilt, or all circle.

Where I plan to push the boat out is by making a third cue list with a stack of different offset values with X and Y in the same list where I can just bump through the list to get a new look.

Ideally, I would like to apply an offset value to the list without all the other programmer values being linked to it, but the Hog software doesn’t seem to work this way and want to play friendly.

Currently the offset cue list has the same priority as the X and Y cue list and with pile-add effects turned on. This creates the intended effect when both X and Y cue lists are turned on, however when X is turned off the offset cue list will take over and maintain the movement of the X axis… That kind of avoids the purpose of the lists in the first place.

After hours of trying different things and giving up for the day, I plead for your help.

Are there any ideas in the community that could make this work. I am also open to changing the way I run movement effects completely if there is a better way suggested.
(I got told by a work mate that it was an easy fix and to move onto MA...sadly this isn't an option)

Thanks for your help.