Gobo Cue Change

I have a cue list where between cue A and cue B I change five VL770s from one gobo to another. When the cue changes three fixtures will change to the new gobo and then later in the 4s fade, the other two fixtures change to the new gobo. They are all on the same gobo and all changing to the same gobo but they don't all do it simultaneously. Is there something I am doing wrong in my programming that is causing this or is there something different I can do that will correct this problem? Any help you have would be appreciated.
  • Did you store any delay or path in the cue for the 2 fixtures that behave different.
    Whats happening when you reprogramm on another cuelist. Dont know the 770s, do they have timing channels for beam parameters?
    when you open the cue, have a look at the delay tab or search for any timing channels
  • Get hold of them in the programmer and jump back and forth between the 2 gobos manually - if they all respond together, it's something in your programming. If the suspects still lag, it's the fixtures.
  • Simon - If I change the gobos manually, they function as expected so I am pretty sure it is in the console.

    MLorenz - I have not stored a delay or path in the cue. I have viewed the cue list and cannot find anything abnormal in what the cue change is telling them to do. When I watch the output window, I can physically watch the cue change happen and see that 3 VL770s (301, 303, and 305) change at the top of the cue where the other two (302 & 304) change at the end of the cue.

    The 770s do have timing channels. One for beam and one for gobo/index. I have tried adjusting my timing cue to 0s for all five VLs on "Gobo Time" by itself and "Beam Time" with it hoping that would make them all change simultaneously but it didn't make a difference.

    This particular cue list I am using is a standard cue list where I will occasionally update the looks. I have this problem in some of my cue lists but not all of them and it is only in the ones that I am regularly updating with new looks. It is also not in every cue across the list nor is it in the same cue across the lists. I guess one thing I could do is delete the cue and rebuild it and see if that fixes the problem.

    Any other input you can give would be appreciated.
  • Seems like you have the path set for some fixtures to END.