Hog 4 OS 3.14 and more releasing today!

Some exciting news today - Hog 4 OS v3.14 is released and coming to the web site later today. This release supports a new piece of hardware for the Hog family - the HPU. The HPU is a hybrid processor unit, taking over from the Rack Hog 4 and DP8K, both of which are retiring (no worries if you have them in stock - these are both still supported in software.) This 2U rack mount unit can run either in console or processor mode and puts out 64 universes of DMX (8 local XLR ports, otherwise over sACN or Art-Net or expandable with Widgets and Gadget II units.) Contact your local dealer for pricing and availability.

The 3.14 release includes a new patching workflow whereby you patch fixtures to internal 'linear' universes which can be assigned to any physical or network output in the system. Moving universes around no longer requires cloning and deleting, and universes can be assigned to multiple outputs if needed.

Also, the requirement to have wings connected to Hog 4 PC to unlock OSC/MIDI control of faders and encoders has been lifted.

All details of the features and changes in this release can be found in the updated user manual/help system and in the release notes. Look for those along with the new console full install (required - remember use Etcher, not Linux Live to create your image stick) and Hog 4 PC software later today at www.highend.com/.