Bug-Lag when usign encoders on Hoglet

Hello everybody, i recently upgraded my Hogon PC to 3.14 and I´m facing a strange behaviour after a while. When scrolling through  (a list or the output for example) by using Open+EncoderWheel (for up/down), the list doesn´t move along with turning the encoder. The scrolling just stops, and after a second or so it moves again. Same is happening, when I want to adjust Pan/Tilt for example.

At first, I thought, it would be in context with the network. I used a laptop with an own superwidget for Backup. Hog-/Fixturenet have their own NICs with different IP ranges, so both nets are separatet. PC with Hoglet had its four universes to ArtNet as well (there was no output on ArtNet). When having turned of the PC with Hoglet, everything went fine for a while, then the upper behaviour came up again. Didn´t have any problems with further versions

Specs of PC with Hoglet: Core i3 8100, 8 Gb RAM, 120 Gb SSD, 27" Multitouch (USB). Hoglet is the first series, it was bought in December 2016. I THINK its version is 2.3, but I am not sure.

Could it be that the patched ArtNet universes cause trouble, when they are not in use? I have to admit that in further versions I had not enabled any DMX-output over network, when having not used it

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