Hog4Pc + Hog 3 Playbackwing: 'Ghost Fader' / Faders changing value


I've the following setup: Hog 3 Playback Wing + Hog 3 Programmer Wing + Hog 3 Superwidget connected to a Laptop running Hog4PC (latest Version). 

When connecting the hardware to the software everythings works as expected beside the fact that all Faders start to 'shake'. They jump +-1% around the value they are set to. Eg if I set INT to lets say 58% the value will flip between 57-59%. This jumps between values happen on all faders simultaneously and appear to be somehow random. The problem is also visible: the Faders visualized by the software shake. 

I have to admit that I modified the Hardware: I just use the front panels and the interfacing PCB's of the playback and programmer wing built into a Peli Gun case with a Dell touchscreen. Widget + Wings are powered by one industrial quality PSU.

However: This Setup worked great in the past so I wonder if somebody had similar problems once...

- I double checked all USB cables
- I tried different versions of HOG 4 PC
- I checked the cables from the front panels to the interfacing PCB's 
- I appears that the faders get more 'shaky' when I apply pressure to the front panel

Any thoughts how to solve this problem are very appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

  • This is hardware noise, we've seen it in the lab on HH4s too.
  • Thanks for you reply. Any suggestions how to reduce noise?

    If you examined this phenomenon in the lab: which kind of noise are you talking about?

    Is this related to PSU ripple or some kind of magnetic coupling produced by switching components (eg. DC-DC converters on the PCB'S) into the data lines (cables) ?

    Would be helpful if you could be more specific.

  • Hi Georg,
    We put a lot of effort into making sure our products operate within the guidelines set for us during compliance testing. I would have to imagine that the noise you're seeing is due to the fact that you've removed the front panels and created a "super wing" of sorts. This arrangement of the hardware has not been evaluated for any emission of, or immunity to electromagnetic interference. This includes the industrial power supply. Because of this, we cannot recommend anyone operating our products outside of the designed specification.

    Now, what can you do about it? I'm no EE but you might try running the playback wing on bus power alone to see if that changes anything. If you see a change, you might try isolating the power to the wing, or maybe look at adding ferrite beads to your cables.
  • Hi Joe,

    You shouldn't get me wrong. I use HES products for more than 10 years and I appreciate all the effort you put in RnD to deliver proper working lighting desks.

    I also deeply appreciate that HES decided to make series 3 hardware compatible to Hog4PC.
    There are not many companies out there which integrate and support 'legacy' hardware for such a long time. Thank you!

    I should also mention that there was nothing wrong with housing of the wing's and I used them for a long time as they were delivered from the factory. However - I need a more mobile solution for small jobs. Thats why i build the Peli case.

    I found out that the issue is related to some kind of GND and or shielding problem. Both playback + programmer front panel's mounted onto the same aluminium panel without isolation let the fader go crazy. Isolating the front panels from each other reduce the problem to a minimum, but does not solve the problem completely. Ferrite beads to the dc power and usb lines do not have an impact at all. Connecting PSU GND to the panels makes things even worse.

    Thanks for the suggestion regarding the playback wing. Is it supposed to work on USB power alone? I tried that but it wouldn't boot at all.