Default screen layout

I have noticed that when I open up Hog PC, that none of my virtual screen windows stay in the same place from the last time I accessed a show.  And it resets to a default screen layout (not a view, that works fine).  The software will stack all "virtual monitors" onto one monitor and I have to drag them out and reset them every time I open a show.  It is not just on one show but all of them.  Has anyone else run into this on the 3.17.1 update?  This did not happen on earlier versions of the software.  Is there a way to save a new default monitor layout? Is this a bug that is being worked on?  Just trying to save some frustration for all of my programmers and operators every time they open the software.  I just got them to where they will make sure all of their monitors are on before launching the software and now it acts as if there aren't multiple monitors turned on.

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