Upgrade from v3.12.0 to v.3.18

Hi everyone!
I have been designing a show on a Hog4 PC-system for a couple of years now that is updated yearly with a totally new show or just modified by adding a few numbers and re-using old ones.
I've been using the 3.12 version for quite some time now and I was thinking about upgrading to the latest version.
What do you say? Yay or nay?
Any problems I might bump in to along the way by upgrading? Will this affect previous programing, FX or so?
Or just positive things?

Any feedback is appreciated!

  • Hi Michael, I cannot speak for v3.18 as it is not available yet. In version v3.17.1 there is the following bug fur Hog4PC:

    Version v3.14-3.16 (i think!!) has the following bug with a Hoglet:

    If you can live with re-arranging the windows, v3.17.1 could be recommended as you have the opportunity to tap effects.