Copy cues from one cuelist to another and keep dotted cue numbers

How do you copy a range of cues (containing decimal cues such as .1 and .5) to another sequence and keep the decimals?
I'm trying the following: List 3 Cue 302 Thru 387 Copy To List 25 Cue 402.
This does indeed copy all the cues but gives every cue a whole number. Trying to write List 3 Cue 302 Thru 387 Copy To List 25 Cue 402 Thru 487 gives me an error.

If I copy a range of cues to the end of the cue list with no other cues behind it, it works but if I try to copy a range of cues and insert them before an existing cue it will renumber them.

Is this a bug?

  • Hi Michael,

    It is indeed possible to keep the decimals. Make sure both of your lists are on a playback bar and instead of using the thru syntax you have to use + so the cues know exactly where to go. I moved cues by List 1 cue 5.1 + 5.2 + 5.3 copy to list 2 cue 3.1 + 3.2 + 3.3 and that worked just fine.

    What error are you seeing?
  • Hi Gabi,

    Thank you for your reply.
    I see. This particular time I was moving around 120 cues so using + all the way would have taken me a very long time. Is there no quicker way of moving a range of cues and keeping decimals? Are you saying that I then have to use List 1 Cue 302 Thru 314 + 314.1 + 314.2 + 315 Thru 327 + 327.1 + 327.2 and so on?

    The error I get when writing "List 3 Cue 302 Thru 387 Copy To List 25 Cue 402 Thru 487" is:
    Task Error: The destination size does not match the source size, File tasks\transfertask.cpp, Line 710.
  • Hi Michael,

    I totally understand that moving 120 cues that way is absolutely painful, but there is no other way I know of to preserve the decimals exactly as they are.

    I do know what the task error is, it's saying there are too many cues to put into that range, I assume there are point cues in your 302 thru 387 range. If you just left it at Copy to list 25 Cue 402 Enter then all the cues would be copied they just wouldn't be decimals. This is legacy behavior, on Hog 3 there was literally a giant popup with the error you described, I tried that this morning.

    Is there any particular reason you are using point cues and need them to stay that way? I'm not a big point cue user myself, I hit renumber quite frequently when I find myself inserting cues.

  • Hi Gabi,
    I see. Perhaps this is something one can ask for on the wish list? :) Or will it not be possible as it is a Hog 3-legacy?

    This is a single cuelist-show that already exists with an excisting QLab-project with cue triggers and so on. Some old numbers (used in previous shows, hence older cuelists) are being reused and rearranged within a new cuelist. Each number starts on a new 100-number, number 1 on cue 101, number 2 on 201 and so on. Number 4 had (since earlier) more than a 100 cues so to fit within the 400-range decimals were used.
    Next time I'll be sure to use every 1000-range for each number! :)

  • This is something that can go on the wish list :) I will get it logged into our system. If you haven't already moved all you cues if you want to shoot me the show file via wetransfer or one drive and tell me what software version you're on and where you want all the cues I can move them and renumber them on my console and send it back to you, save you some time.

    our email server thinks show files are viruses and doesn't let them in