Having issues building a profile

Hi All,
So I'm a MA guy who been thrown into the Hog world once agan.  I also have a old fixture which currently the company been using consently a Microh Ultra Trinity 280 which they use the Robe Pointe M3 profile to make work. I like to have a working profile for the Microh Ultra Trinity 280 and gain gobo access again.

I have the Manua and profile here.

When I go to build type  I just get operation fail with no guidance as to what failed. so bit lost where my mistake is.

Can some one here take a look at my profile and see where I went a stray  which could be in several places as not use to the hog world. 

Don't want to go thru the profile request as I never got a fixture returned in the past.

  • There are multiple errors in your profile, the first is:

    Channel 8 dmxstart 170-179 is telling us "this controls Gobo 2/Slots" but then has as a qualifier "but only if gobo2/slots=triangles". Don't specify a function as its own qualifier.

    If you get into a situation where there is an error but no hint on how to resolve, export as XML then do an import, sometimes you will get a better error message.
  • Think I finally figured it out.
    Went back to old scholl and channel by channel build.
    I'm not a hog guy.. to me fixture builder feels more like a "you need to be expert to use" unlike other consoles.
    and help is very lacking on the whole builder in general.

    But not here to gripe.
    feature request would be ability to assign missing feature tags / names i.e eco power mode under fixture control.
    Guides as to an error right as you enter an line. either it passes or fails. saves having to play hunt the issue latter.

    any how got it working for what I need. moving on.