Roadhog + DP8K + Hog4PC colourpallet playback issue

Hi everyone,

Last two weeks i have worked on a show with the following setup:
⦁ Roadhog4 V3.17.1 IP Net ID: 1
⦁ Blue DP8K V3.17.1 IP Net ID: 2
⦁ Hog4PC V3.17.1 IP Net ID: 3

All connected to each other thru a unmanaged gigabit switch.

The show was a busking style festival show. Running just six lines of hardwired dmx from the DP8k, and created onsite from a new show.

I have programmed all the bumps on my LED parcans under a single list containing links to the first cue of the bump. The individual bumps were called by a comment macro in a scene (for example: GM8/1) Those bumps are  build around individual dimmer/strobe values and a single colourpreset (89)

I use macros to update the content of the bump:
⦁ clear commandline
⦁ colour 
⦁ 0
⦁ 4
⦁ 7
⦁ copy to
⦁ colour
⦁ 0
⦁ 8
⦁ 9
⦁ enter
⦁ right arrow
⦁ right arrow
⦁ enter
Wait : 0.1s
Duration : 0.1s

Those macros are called thru a comment macro in an empty scene (GK1h3) and exectuted on the Hog4PC station (Net ID 3).

So far so good, first two shows went flawless, and the start of the thirt show was also perfect. Mid show all of a suddent none of the colourbumps were executed correctly anymore: the colours stayed open. Even when i had updated to a red colour. Intensity and shutter values were correctly played back.

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