Kensington Expert Mouse M01286-M doesn't seem to work on Road Hog 4.21

I have just bought a Kensington Expert Mouse, SKU: K72359WW, model M01286-M. It looks identical to the K64325 that is listed as being compatible in the User Manual except that it is a wireless version. It has 4 buttons and the scroll ring. However it only seems to work as a mouse on both the Road Hog 4.21 and my Nano Hog PC.

Could someone please check whether this model should work or if there is a way to make it work?

Many thanks.

This is the one:

  • Hi Adrian,

    We had to do something special for the mice that we have listed in the manual. Since your mouse is not one of those mice it will not work. On Hog 4 PC the mice in the manual also only function as mice so you're just missing out on the functionality on the console.