Special color functions (JB-Lighting P9)

In the JB-Lighting P9 beam spot fixtures the CTO function does not work in combination with the gobo wheels. This is a feature according to JB-Lighting: the CTB filter is automaticly activated when a gobo is applied to compensate the colorshift made by the gobo. There is a fuction in the dmx chart to turn this feature of: set the colorwheel to a dmx value of 1.

How do i set this up in the fixture builder so that i can turn it on and off?

P9_DMX_Protocol.pdf (jb-lighting.de) (please look at the German version of the dmx chart, the English one is not correct, JB-Lighting already is aware of this problem)

  • Can you please point to it? Pagenumber and what it is called, would be nice.
    I briefly scrolled through the Menu and couldn't find the function that you discribe.

    Thank you in advance

  • Hi Mathilda,

    Please have a look at page 12, dmx channel 16/21 attribute Farbrad.

    There in the first two lines you see "Weiss (Farbshift Gobo ein)" and  "Weiss (Farbshift Gobo aus)" Value 0 and 1.

    These functions enables and disables the automatic insert of the CTB filter into the beam to prevent a colorshift to a yellowish beam when using gobos. 

    I would like to modify the fixture profile in the Hog to make it possible to program these funtions from the console. The "problem"here is that you can not use CTO and gobo wheels at the same time without these function.

    Thanks in advance

  • This Function is located at the Colorwheel.
    As far as i can see, it is eighter controlling the Colorshift or not.

    Since it is on the Colorwheel-Channel, you can't select an other Color over it.

    I would say, JB Lighting has to make it an option in the Controll-section.
    Otherwise it is like: you, are bound to a chair, smelling the food, but can't reach it.

  • If you like to make some values yourself,
    have a look at this Video.

    it is a good introduction into making minor corrections in fixtures.

  • Naming isn't easy, so maybe you can go with open1 and open2