Why is the fixture library so limited?

Why is the fixture library so limited and why even if a fixture exists, not all modes are in the library? I have a club with 5 types of Cameo fixtures, 2 of which don't even have an entry and one is missing the mode I want.

  • Hello, if you would like a fixture made please log a request at https://fixture-library-hub.etcconnect.com/browse you can also search for fixtures there as well.

    If the fixture is simple you may also want to try the Fixture Builder that is on the console, it's a great way to create fixtures and the basic tab is a great way to get started.

  • Hello and thank you for your answer. I am aware of the options when a fixture (or a mode to be more precise, since each mode requires us to log a separate request) is not present at the library. My question has to do with the reason why so many fixtures/modes of labeled products are missing. It is mainly a matter of showing up at a venue without an equipment list and being able to start working right away. And even with a list and previz work, not having to spend time on that. I think it is a valid request, given the price category of the product and the competition.

  • Hello, 

    Fixture profiles are made on a per-request basis. We always prioritize customers who have upcoming shows before we do manufacturer-based requests. There are also thousands of manufacturers that make intelligent lights, and those manufacturers release dozens of lights a year with several mode options. 

    We just recently just created the 20,000th profile on the console a few months ago, so the library certainly is not empty....

    We also have the ability to import fixture data from Carralon however this is limited to simple DMX fixtures at this time. 

    We also made significant improvements to the built in fixture builder in 3.9.0, a functional profiles can be made quite quickly when you are in a pinch. 

    If you would like to browse the full library, it can be found:


    and request can be made at:


    As of writing this comment we have received 155 requests for Cameo fixtures, and they are all complete with the exception of 3 made this month. 

    What fixtures are you looking for? 

    We understand that sometimes you get different or surprise fixtures the day of,  in those circumstances we would advise you to contact us and see if we can create a working profile for you urgently.