Resolution of fader using intensity

Hello all,

i am working on a hoglet with GLP x4 Bar 10/20. I wanted to use the HIRES personality, which give me 16bit resolution for intensity. During programming the intensity-values with the encoder, i observed the DMX output and it was working as expected. I recorded these values on a fader, which was set to Intensity. After clearing the programmer, i wanted to use the fader for controlling the intensity. I saw in the DMX output that the second intensity-channel went to 255 in the moment the fader went off. That means, i only had a resolution of 8 bit on the intensity. This happened with all fixtures with high resolution intensity. I found the discussion "Fader Resolution" from 2014-04-18 where it was stated that it will be fixed in the next release. Is it a software or a hardware limitation?