MH5 Fixtures turn on and off at will

I'm NEW to this world. I'm running sound at a venue and they also have HOG 4 PC that someone had already setup years ago with groups, cues, etc etc.

I have 4 Martin MH5 fixtures that I'm having trouble programming because they'll all together go dim (out) at random and I can't figure out where to look to see how to change this behavior.

When I select all the MH5's in my group directory and turn their intensity to 100%, nothing happens. The fixtures will then just turn themselves on and then the fixtures will be editable ... but then they'l just go dim within a few seconds.

Is there some place I can look to change this behavior? It's baffling me.

  • The easiest way to see what exactly is controlling a fixture is to open the Output window. Along the top toolbar for this window you will see a button called Source; click on this then scroll down to the MH5s. It should tell you what is telling this fixtures what to do. It could be a List and a Cue, a Scene, or something else. Once you know what is controlling the fixtures, you can go and edit those source(s).

    Feel free to contact HES support at with your show file and a way to recreate the issue for more in depth support.