GM (Go Master) Comment Macro Behavior Change

Hello! Not sure if this is a bug or a feature but the "GM" or Go Master comment macro does not follow the "Go" behavior set on the given playback.

I have a cue in a cuelist that triggers a "Go" on master 1 via a "GM1" cue comment macro. This results in the default "Go" behavior however, I have the "Go" button on Master 1 set to "Skip Forward". The only way I can seem to get the cue in the cuelist to trigger the "Skip Forward" behavior on Master 1, is via a keystroke macro. Should I expect a "GM" to simulate pressing "Go" on a particular master or should I expect it to behave closer to a "GL" (Go List) comment macro? I've also observed this behavior with the "HM" (Halt Master) comment macro as well.