MIDI Controller Encoder Help


I have a komplete m32 and i cant get it to work properly.

In midi-viewer i see my encoder is working from 0-127, but the range is only about 10% of the actual values.

lets say i turn the intensity, it will only move from 0-10%.

i am using midicontrollers since 2000, never had a similar issue.

in another thread a read the apc-40 is working just fine.

why do i have to buy the nomad dongle for the midi-unlock just to find out that i need another controller?

i feel like an idiot.

i still hope i missed something.



  • Hello,

    I know we have had an exchange in another channel here but for anyone who finds this I want them to be able to link back :)


    Devices need to repeat 0 at a minimum and 127 at maximum to be used as encoders in relative mode. The device does not repeat the values which is why you are only being given the 10% change. The knob you are using would best be used for Hog fader control in an absolute mode.

    I do not know what version of software you are running but starting in 3.14.0 you do not need the Nomad Dongle to unlock MIDI you would however need the dongle to output DMX, Art-Net, or sACN.

    On a side note, don't forget to assign to device after creating the map with learn mode (I forget that sometimes and then nothing works)

    Please do not hesitate to keep reaching out and I will do my best to assist!

  • hi!

    thank you for your reply!

    for the midi unlock, yeah thank you this i get a lot of different informations on that.

    i am currently working with the b504.

    Today i connected the mpk mini mk3. it has relative endless knobs.

    It is still not working. now i won´t even get the 10%.

    The controller is set to relative in the mpk software and in hog it is 7bit relative.

    all midi parameters are correct.

    If it is still the controller i am not sure what to look for?

    Screenshot GDrive

    kind regards,


  • Hello,

    Looking at your screen shot the important information is actually not on the screen but we can fix that Slight smile I also want to make sure that you have assigned the device, with your controller, this is mine. I am guilty of forgetting this.  and then from there If you could Full Screen the MIDI viewer that will show the value for the channel. The Message column is the important one, your image is missing that

    this is mine working and in this case it shows the repeating 127 which the key to be able to use the knobs for the encoders and then it shows repeating 0 at the minimum.

    I am not familiar with the APC software as my device is just set the default way but relative seems the way to go.

    You will also need to have a fixture selected so that there are values to manipulate, I cannot see this in your photo or not so I thought I would mention it.

  • In regards to b504, that is beta software and should only be discussed in the beta forums. The support staff can only help you with released software. I am currently running 3.19.1 for my testing of the midi.

  • Please excuse my editing skills, this is what it should look like when it works. I selected a Lonestar fixture and used Encoder 1 in Relative mode to control Intensity

  • hi!

    ok so i will install 3.19.1 to see if it works there.

    meanwhile i will reply to your request.

    it behaves really odd, the values in hog are inverted.

    and it only shows value1 and value 127, so maybe after all it is the controller.

    if it works in 3.19. i will start a question in the beta forum.


  • oh damn, forgot to take in the device.

    yes it is assigned to the mk3 Slight smile

  • the mpk mini in relative only sends value 1 in decrease and value 127 in increase.

    there is no value repeat so i guess it is the controller.